Talakunchi is Now Cert-IN Empanelled Cyber Security Auditor

Talakunchi is pure-play cyber security company empanelled by Cert-IN (Government of India). Our empanelled and qualified auditors support to identify the risks by performing Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing activities and recommend adequate controls to maintain the cyber security posture. Talakunchi also provides audit certificate towards successful closure of the assignment.

About Cert-IN

CERT-IN, the Indian Computer Emergency Responses Team, is a national agency responsible for all cyber security related risks and incidents in India. Cert-IN is an initiative by Indian government under the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeitY) agency for handling cyber and information security challenges. CERT-IN is primary agency designated to with responsibilities including designing and rolling cyber security framework to industries, support on cyber emergency management, handling and responding to incidents, sharing incident and vulnerability information to companies.

CERT-IN supports Government Agencies for their cyber security requirements by creating a qualified panel of Security Auditing companies. The auditing companies are required to pass through meticulous evaluation process to validate the organizations capabilities and genuineness. The process evaluation organization against technical, reporting and interpretations skills. The empanelled auditors are then authorized to execute information security risks and controls of companies to be audited. The audits include Cyber Security Framework audit, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Compliance Assessments and various other Risk Assessments.