TalaKunchi Security Solutions

TalaKunchi supports your business with a wide range of security solutions. We offer flexible deployment and integration services to meet your changing needs. These offerings are provided under the classification of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Secure Identity and Data Security. Solutions are not only configured accurately but also integrated with other solutions to generate fantastic results.

The return value of the implemented costly solutions can be none if configured and integrated incorrectly. Resulting is undetected threats, unprotected infrastructure and data breaches. We customize the solutions to utilize its power to the fullest and get maximum benefits out of it. Our certified solutions experts understand the business flow and help customize the solution as per the customer needs.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and Vulnerability management (TVM) solutions include the ability to real-time monitor critical assets, detect-prioritize-remediate vulnerabilities, manage persistent threats and handle incidents smartly. These solutions help you automate and shorten the TVM process. In addition, TalaKunchi provides 24/7 monitoring service through Security Operations Centre (SOC) to support these solutions.

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring)

    SIEM solutions are widely known for its immense capabilities to real-time monitor critical events, correlate sensitive information and help you ensure compliance with major security or industry specific standards.

  • VM (Vulnerability Management)

    Vulnerability Management solutions combine state-of-the art vulnerability detection capabilities with prioritization algorithms that help organizations identify the issues requiring immediate attention, so you can focus efforts on the vulnerabilities most likely to result in a breach.

  • APT (Advance Persistent Threat) Protection

    APT Protection solutions come with threat intelligence helping you manage the zero day threats and persistent malicious attacks. It helps you detect on going- accesses maintained by the attackers to steal high-value information.

Application Security

Application security solutions help the enterprise with end-to-end security lifecycle management of applications. It starts from the Code development to the security maintenance in the productions. It also helps you manage the vulnerabilities highlighted and track it to the closure.

  • ACC (Application Change Control)

    ACC helps you manage every single release of the application with defining the Segregation of Duties within the application development team. It takes over your headache of tracking the application changes and roll backs.

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall)

    Web Application Firewalls work on a set of rules to identify application related vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, XSS, SSI, and others. These rules help you control your internet web traffic by precisely identifying and blocking attacks.

  • SCA (Static Code Analyzer)

    Secure SCA helps you automate the process of identifying the security weaknesses and prioritize them on the basis of business impact. The tools scan every single line of the code providing recommendations to accurately patch the gaps.

  • Application Security Scanner

    Application security scanner helps you scan your static and dynamic applications for various security gaps. It has the mechanisms to even replicate manual test cases up to certain limit giving facilities to validate critical threats that may result in a huge business impact.

Secure Indentity

Enterprises are prone to identity thefts and it becomes nearly impossible to manage the identities manually. Secure Identity Solutions helps you manage your complex identity management needs. It helps you define the boundaries between each privilege level yet securely maintaining access to privileged accounts.

  • IAM (Identity Acess Management)

    IAM solutions enable the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time for right reasons. It helps you safeguard valuable data and applications with context based access control.

  • PIM (Privilege Identity Management)

    PIM solutions monitor all the super user accounts of your organization. It helps you protect the access to prevent misuse while accessing sensitive information and computing resources.

  • PUM (Privilege User Management)

    PUM solutions temporarily change a user’s privileges so that he can perform tasks that require elevated permissions, providing auditing and fine-grained control of the process.

Data Security

Data Security solutions help you manage, organize, monitor and protect your sensitive information. Data at rest or in transit requires a varied approach to be protected against unauthorized access. Talakunchi helps you deploy effective policies to protect data as per custom requirements.

  • Data Classification

    Data Classification Solutions enable organizations to classify, protect and confidently share sensitive information by identifying and securing unstructured data. They are flexible and are optimized as per the data type, regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection requirements.

  • DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)

    Data Loss or Leak prevention solution is a strategy for making sure that your users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of the corporate network. It helps you integrate data classification to categorize what data is allowed to transfer in what format.

  • DAM (Database Activity Monitoring)

    DAM solution monitors and records every minute activity in the database and alert administrator for unusual activities performed by any user. It also helps you to prevent unauthorized access to the mission critical data.